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New Harvard Forest Publication: Land Use Change in North Carolina

April 1, 2006
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In a recently released book, Harvard Forest researcher Robert McDonald co-authored a chapter on the causes and consequences of land-use change in the North Carolina Piedmont with D.L. Urban, E.S. Minor, and E.A. Treml. The project integrated studies of forest dynamics, conservation value (forest songbird communities), and ecosystem processes (watershed hydrology and biogeochemistry). As part of this modeling effort, they estimated the uncertainties due to errors in imagery and ground data, model selection, parameter estimation, and process error. The methodology developed has implications for other studies interested in incorporating these sources of uncertainty in models used for integrated assessments at regional scales.

Urban, D. L., R. I. McDonald, E. S. Minor, and E. A. Treml. 2006 Causes and consequences of land use change in the North Carolina Piedmont. In J. Wu, B. Jones, H. Li, and O.L. Loucks (eds.). Scaling and Uncertainty Analysis in Ecological Studies, Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

Click here for the book's website.

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