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July 2013

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July 10, 2013

New Study: Changing Atmosphere Boosts Water Efficiency in Trees

Tower fish-eye view

A study published today in the journal Nature, led by Harvard faculty member Andrew Richardson and post-doctoral fellow Trevor Keenan, uses more than 20 years of data from Harvard Forest research towers to explain how rising CO2 levels help trees use water more efficiently.

As trees become more efficient at using water, the researchers explain,

July 5, 2013

Students Share Summer Research Experiences

Harvard Forest Summer Research Program students

Canopy robots, urban heat islands, invasive insects, and underground root photography: our 25 summer students are all blogging about their independent projects in our Summer Research Program, underway now.

One student reports, "Recently, my friends and I climbed Mt. Greylock (the tallest mountain in Massachusetts), and like that climb, this summer has certainly been a challenge. I have learned more