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September 2011

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September 1, 2011

Harvard Forest a Strong Presence at ESA

A group at the Ecological Society of America

Each year, the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America brings together tens of thousands of scientists to share research results. At the 2011 meeting in Austin, Texas, Harvard Forest research was featured in 25 different talks and posters. An alumnus of the Harvard Forest Summer Research Program (2006-2007), Alex Ireland, won the Edward S. Deevey Award for best graduate

September 1, 2011

2011-2012 Bullard Fellows Begin to Arrive on Campus

Each fall, half a dozen new faces arrive at Harvard Forest. While in residence at Harvard, Bullard Fellows interact with faculty and students, give seminars, participate in conferences and symposia, and make use of the University's top-notch research resources. "The Harvard community benefits immensely from the presence of the outstanding scholars and fellows supported by the Bullard program," says David

September 1, 2011

Highstead and Wildlands and Woodlands Project Seek Conservation Director

Since Harvard Forest’s release of its Wildlands and Woodlands (W&W) reports in 2005 and 2010, great capacity has been building in New England to Highstead steepleincrease the pace of land conservation. Highstead, a regional non-profit organization based in Redding, Connecticut, is dedicated to conserving the New England landscape and advancing the W&W vision. An

September 1, 2011

New Ant Grant

Senior Ecologist Aaron Ellison and collaborators from the University of Vermont, University of Tennessee, and North Carolina State University have received a large grant from the National Science Foundation to study the adaptability of forest ants to climate change. Ants process forest soil, cycle nutrients, disperse seeds of many understory plants, and respond rapidly to changes in air temperature. In

September 1, 2011

Harvard Forest Weathers a Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm Irene shown from the weather station 2011

As Tropical Storm Irene moved through Petersham on August 28, our canopy cameras, meteorological station, and hydrological weirs captured the storm’s impact for our long-term records. Wind sensors recorded gusts at 16.4 m/sec (or 37 mph) and stream flow peaked at 598 liters/second. See a summary of the storm data here. The storm also gave us an opportunity to feature

September 1, 2011

Foster to Discuss the History and Future of New England’s Forests

On Wednesday, September 14, a lecture by HF Director David Foster will kick off a year of programming at the Harvard Museum of Natural History for their new exhibit on New England Forests. David’s lecture will draw on more than a century of research from the Harvard Forest about the challenges and choices we face in planning our forests’ future. The

September 1, 2011

Asian Longhorned Beetle Research in the News

Asian Longhorned Beetle causing damage to a sugar maple

A new paper by Harvard Forest ecologist David Orwig and USDA entomologist Kevin Dodds describes the beetle’s threat to closed-canopy forests across New England. Read press clips from the Boston GlobeNSF, and LTER, and see the full journal article, released August 29 in the Canadian Journal of Forest Research.