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December 2023

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December 20, 2023

First-Year Seminar Students End Semester with Symposium

Image shows the 2023 First-Year students standing on a stile at the Harvard Farm.

Each fall, Harvard first-year students have the opportunity to take Research at the Harvard Forest-Global Change Ecology-Forests, Ecosystem Function, the Future. Led by Harvard Forest Senior Forest Ecologist Dave Orwig, this First-Year Seminar Program course immerses students in an active field research setting and provides interactions with several leading global change scientists at Harvard Forest.

December 7, 2023

Harvard Student Opportunity: Spring 2024 Internship in Indigenous Land/Food Sovereignty

a forest view with variously sized boulders along the forest floor

Spring Remote Internship: Connecting Indigenous Community Health and Land History/Futures

Open to currently enrolled Harvard undergraduates and graduate students (including international students)


Mentored by: Cheryll Toney Holley, Harvard 2023-2024 Bullard Fellow and Sonksq (female chief) of the Hassanamisco Nipmuc Band

Additional mentors: Andrea Smith, sub-chief for Tribal Heath & Wellness, Hassanamisco Nipmuc Band; with support from Emily

December 6, 2023

Eddy Flux Researchers Convene at Harvard Forest for AmeriFlux's 2023 Annual Meeting

Image shows attendees of the 2023 AmeriFlux annual meeting at Harvard Forest

Last month, Harvard Forest hosted the AmeriFlux Annual Meeting, where nearly 100 researchers converged to discuss their work using eddy flux tower data from throughout the world. The longest continually running tower of its kind, Harvard Forest’s Environmental Measurement Station Eddy Flux Tower has been collecting data on the exchange of carbon dioxide and evapotranspiration between the atmosphere and

December 5, 2023

Tree Ring Lab Identifies Champion Elder

Image shows a zoomed in section of the Eastern Hemlock's tree core.

This summer, at a forest dominated by Eastern Hemlock in northwestern Pennsylvania, Harvard Forest’s Tree Ring Lab team, led by Neil Pederson and David Orwig, confirmed the oldest-known Eastern Hemlock to date. This tree, discovered by team field scout Erik Danielson, turns out to be at least 651 years old.

With over 3,000 Hemlocks cored over the past 50 years, Eastern