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Graduate Students

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Graduate student in fieldThe major graduate program for advanced study offered at the Harvard Forest is the Masters in Forest Science (not currently accepting students), which is a thesis-oriented program based in Petersham through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University.

Graduate students from Harvard and other U.S. institutions who are interested in conducting research as part of the Harvard Forest Long-Term Ecological Research Program are eligible for biannual research support grants to cover supplies, travel, lodging, and more. Contact LTER PI Jonathan Thompson to learn more.

Intensive programs offered during course recess are open to Harvard graduate students, including Winter Break Week.

Doctoral programs offered through other departments at Harvard provide additional opportunities for research at the Harvard Forest in conjunction with scientists based there. These departments include Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Earth and Planetary Science, and the Graduate School of Design.

In addition, a number of scientists at the Forest hold adjunct status at the Department of Natural Resource Conservation at the University of Massachusetts (UMass DNRC) where they serve as advisors for students pursuing either the MS or PhD degrees.