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June 2007

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June 1, 2007

New Elemental Analyzer for John G. Torrey Laboratory

Harvard Forest has just acquired a new elemental analyzer for the John G. Torrey Nutrient Laboratory. Purchased with National Science Foundation LTER funding, the Elementar vario MICRO analyzer can be used for measurements of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur. The new, user-friendly equipment is a nice complement to the Lachat 8500 autoanalyzer in the laboratory and is being used for a

June 1, 2007

New Harvard Forest Publications

Land-use History Effect on Forest Ecosystems

We used stable N isotopes in tree rings and lake sediments to demonstrate that N availability in a northeastern forest has declined over the past 75 years, likely because of ecosystem recovery from Euro-American land use. Forest N availability has only recently returned to levels forecast from presettlement trajectories, rendering the trajectory of future forest