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January 2022

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January 19, 2022

Study Tracks Seasonal Growth and Water Shortage in Trees

HF scientists and students work together to core hemlock saplings.

By Anna Christensen

A paper published this past summer in Tree Physiology finds that tree species of varying wood-porosity experience peak growth at different times of the year, exposing some species to more intense water shortages than others.

The wood-porosity of a tree refers to the structure of its vessels—pipelines within the trunk that carry sap throughout the tree.

Some trees such as

January 7, 2022

Study Reveals Impact of Colonial Land Use on Current Forest Composition

Figures from the ForestGEO paper in PeerJ, showing colonial land use

By Anna Christensen

A study just published in PeerJ Life and Environment examines how anthropogenic and natural disturbances from past decades, and even centuries, affect the spatial and species composition of woody plants within a forest plot.

Harvard Forest Senior Ecologist David Orwig and collaborators (Jason Aylward, Hannah Buckley, Bradley Case, and Aaron Ellison) utilized the data from the first