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July 2010

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July 1, 2010

Field Wireless Network

Web camera on Harvard Forest Field Wireless Network

The Harvard Forest Field Wireless Network (HFFW) became operational this spring with funding from the National Science Foundation and Harvard University. The HFFW provides high-speed Internet access to field sites across the 400-ha Prospect Hill Tract, enabling researchers and students to monitor and control their equipment over the network and to collect and process data in real time.

One such

July 1, 2010

Wildlands and Woodlands Regional Conference

The successful release of the Wildlands and Woodlands vision for New England culminated in a standing-room only crowd at the project's regional conference in Concord, NH, on June 4. The host of the event, the New England Forestry Foundation, registered 275 attendees—landowners, scientists, forest industry professionals, conservation organizations, land trusts, philanthropists, media representatives, and policymakers. The attendees came

July 1, 2010

Harvard Forest Welcomes New Senior Ecologist

Elizabeth Crone

We are very pleased to announce that Elizabeth Crone, Associate Professor of Wildlife Biology at the University of Montana, will assume the new position of Senior Ecologist at the Harvard Forest this fall.

Elizabeth has a PhD in Botany and Genetics from Duke University and is a population ecologist with an emphasis on wildflowers, butterflies, and bees. Her research focuses on

July 1, 2010

Grad student news: grants will support Northeastern ant study

Israel Del Toro received two grants in June - $5000 from the National Geographic Society and $3500 from the Lewis and Clark Fund of the American Philosophical Society. Both awards will help Del Toro, along with REU student Adam Clark (Harvard '11) sample ants throughout northeastern North America this summer. Del Toro is a graduate student at the University of

July 1, 2010

Artist-in-Residence: Regan Golden-McNerny

Art by Regan Golden-McNerny

From July 10 to 20, artist Regan Golden-McNerny will be visually investigating what scientists know about the woods, studying both Harvard Forest and Minnechoag Mountain, a more suburban forest in Ludlow. She will draw and photograph, visit field sites with researchers, and comb the archives here at Harvard Forest - and present her drawings, notes, and photographs for students and

July 1, 2010

Landowner Decisions: Differences in the Northeast

The future of landscapes dominated by private ownership are largely a function of often independent decisions made by hundreds or thousands of individual private landowners. Most owners do not have plans for their land or avail themselves of professional advice, and instead make reactive decisions based on immediate need or circumstance. Since most owners do not receive professional advice, we