The Hemlock Hospice exhibit - on view through November - combines art and cutting-edge science to explore the loss of a foundation species in our forests. A public event on October 20 will feature tours of the exhibit; talks by the artist, scientists, and policy leaders; and a premiere of the Hemlock Hospice documentary by Faizal Wetscot, Devin Chanagis, and Casey Keenan.  Also, check out the latest Art/Science project Warming Warning.

News & Highlights

September 12, 2018

Bullard Spotlight: Noah Charney on What Shapes a Landscape

Bullard Fellow Noah Charney spent his year-long fellowship at the Forest working on a book to engage general audiences with multi-layered stories of nature. Centered around photographs of real field sites, the book weaves personal narratives together with the clues visible in the images to reconstruct underlying ecological processes. His intention is for readers to think about how geology,

September 8, 2018

Museum Event: How Past Disasters Can Inform Climate Action

For thousands of years, humans have faced environmental challenges – floods, wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and more. On September 25 in the Fisher Museum, Colorado-based geologist and science educator Lisa Gardiner will show how lessons from past disasters can help us face climate change--an issue she calls “the catastrophe of our time.”

Gardiner's new book, Tales from

September 6, 2018

'Weathering Change' Features Poetry by Senior Ecologist

A new compilation of poetry and art called Weathering Change, published by the Harvard Office for Sustainability, features reflections on climate change by 21 members of the Harvard community, including an introduction to the volume and poems by HF Senior Ecologist Aaron Ellison.

Ellison published his own volume of poetry in 2017 after time as a

September 3, 2018

New Report Voices Local Views of the Future Landscape

Voices from the Land

A new report released today by the Harvard Forest and the Science Policy Exchange, with support from Highstead and the Wildlands & Woodlands initiative, provides a stakeholder-driven approach for addressing the important question: What does the future hold for the New England landscape?

Voices from the Land: Listening to New Englanders' Views of the Future

August 9, 2018

Bullard Spotlight: Crystal Schaaf on Visualizing Hemlock Loss

2017-2018 Bullard Fellow Crystal Schaaf, a Professor in the School for the Environment at the University of Massachusetts Boston, spent her sabbatical year at Harvard Forest documenting the changes in forest structure that are occurring due to the widespread hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) infestation of eastern forests. Professor Schaaf and her team employ satellite imagery and terrestrial lidar

August 6, 2018

Study Reveals 14,000 Years of Change in New England's Forests

student collecting sediment core_photo by Jenny Meskauskas

New analyses of lake‐sediment pollen records from 29 sites across southern and central New England, recently published in the Journal of Biogeography, report on 14,000 years of change in tree diversity since the last glaciation.

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