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February 2010

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February 1, 2010

Wildlife Pictures from Exclosure Cameras

Moose photo closeup

In the fall of 2008, Harvard Forest researcher and Highstead ecologist, Ed Faison along with Greta VanScoy mounted flashless digital game cameras on the moose and deer exclosures north of Fisher House and off Locust Opening Road. The goals were to document

  • the relative use of the unfenced plots by deer and moose,
  • the use of the partial exclosures by deer and
  • any
February 1, 2010

New Harvard Forest Publication: Moose in Southern New England

After being extirpated from southern New England during the colonial period, moose have recently returned, establishing an important new disturbance to the region's temperate forests. In the first publication of moose foraging ecology in southern New England, Harvard Forest researchers Ed Faison, David Foster, and Glenn Motzkin along with US Fish and Wildlife biologist, John McDonald quantify moose foraging selectivity

February 1, 2010

Conservation Capital in the Americas

As the challenge of global climate change intensifies, environmentalists have called for redoubled efforts to preserve forests and CCA Coverecosystems that are critical in balancing greenhouse gas emissions. Conservation finance is the subject of this volume, based on a conference held in January 2009 in Chile attended by more than 100 conservationists and

February 1, 2010

Harvard Forest in the News

To make visible the many new and ongoing newsworthy projects at the Harvard Forest, we have created a new section for the Harvard Forest website, called Harvard Forest in the News. Here you will find new and archived links to print, radio, and TV reports about the Forest, as well as an archive of our press releases.