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Program on Conservation Innovation

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The mission of the Harvard Forest Program on Conservation Innovation (PCI) is to build knowledge about highly effective conservation science, education, governance, protection, and stewardship practices and to communicate that knowledge to conservation practitioners, decision makers, and citizens in the United States as well as across the globe.

The PCI has five overarching goals:

  1. to conduct research that informs advanced conservation practice and focuses attention on the outstanding innovation in the field
  2. to educate present-day and future conservation practitioners and involved citizenry regarding emerging approaches to conserving land, water, and biodiversity
  3. to award and recognize exemplary conservation initiatives
  4. to convene focused leadership dialogues on critical conservation challenges and inventive solutions commensurate with those challenges, and
  5. to broadly communicate with a global audience regarding important conservation innovations that may be commensurate with the complex challenges of our day.