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June 2009

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June 1, 2009

Grant Received for Harvard Forest Book: Twentieth-Century New England Land Conservation

The Cabot-Wellington Foundation has made a generous grant in memory of Tom Cabot (1897-1995), a lifelong conservationist and CEO of the Cabot Corporation, which allows Harvard Forest (the publisher) to distribute 100 copies free of charge to public libraries in each New England state. Distribution has already been completed in RI, MA, and NH; the remaining states will see their

June 1, 2009

Harvard Forest on the Radio

May 14, 2009 - Diane Rehm show on NPR and WAMU talks about the health of the United States forests, trends in forest managment and protection of wilderness areas. Dr. David Foster, Director of Harvard Forest, was on the panel of this show. Listen to the show. 

June 1, 2009

Interns Arrive for Summer Program in Ecology

2008 Interns

Twenty-four summer students have arrived as part of the Harvard Forest summer research program in ecology. Students come from all over the United States to participate in on-going research projects investigating atmospheric pollution, global warming, invasive plants, watershed ecology, and insect outbreaks. Researchers come from many disciplines and institutions. Specific projects center on population and community ecology, plant physiology, insect

June 1, 2009

New Harvard Forest Publication: Carnivorous Plant Methods of Attracting Prey

Ant in pitcher plant

Katie Bennett, a fifth-grade teacher at Ashburnham's J.R.Briggs Elementary School, a long-time participant in the Harvard Forest Schoolyard LTER Program and an NSF Research Experience for Teachers (RET) collaborator on ant and pitcher-plant research, has published her first paper in Biology Letters, the rapid communication journal of the Royal Society of London. In this paper, Katie, along with

June 1, 2009

Ecological Society of America Cooper Award Received

Harvard Forest Flora Cover

The 2009 Cooper Award from the Ecological Society of America was received for the paper: Jenkins, Jerry, Motzkin, Glenn, and Ward, Kirsten. 2008. The Harvard Forest Flora: An Inventory, Analysis, and Ecological History (note: this download is very large). Harvard Forest, Harvard University, Petersham, Massachusetts. Harvard Forest Paper No. 28. The William Skinner Cooper Award is given to honor

June 1, 2009

New Harvard Forest Publication: Abundance of Salamanders At Harvard Forest

Brooks Mathewson (Masters of Forest Science, 2006) published his work on study of salamanders as affected by the anticipated loss of Eastern Hemlock dominated forests due to infestation by Hemlock Woolly Adelgid. This study assessed the relative abundance of the ecologically important terrestrial salamander, Plethodon cinereus Green (Eastern Red-backed Salamander), in five Eastern Hemlock-dominated stands and four mixed deciduous stands