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December 2007

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December 1, 2007

Centennial Edition - New England Forests Through Time

NE Forests Through Time Cover

The Harvard Forest Centennial Edition (1907-2007) reprinting of New England Forests Through Time: Insights from the Harvard Forest Dioramas is now available. Along with the diorama illustrations and interpretations that made the first printing so popular, this edition contains a new preface, "Forests Past, Present, and Future", and updated "Suggested Further Readings." Copies can be purchased. 

December 1, 2007

New Harvard Forest Publication: The Effect of Land Conservation on Development

What effect do protected lands have on land conservation or development nearby in the surrounding landscape? Using information on land cover and land protection over time for three sites (western North Carolina, central Massachusetts, and central Arizona), this paper aimed to answer this question. At all sites, newly protected conservation areas tended to cluster close to preexisting protected areas. Land

December 1, 2007

New grant for climate change research

The Department of Energy has awarded $3.4 Million to a four-university consortium that includes Harvard University's Harvard Forest, North Carolina State, the University of Tennessee, and the University of Vermont for a four-year study of the effects of climate change on the ecological dynamics of ants and other soil invertebrates. In early 2008, ten 5-meter (16-foot) diameter open-top chambers will

December 1, 2007

New Harvard Forest Publication: Analytic Web Project

The Analytic Web project, a long-term collaboration between ecologists at Harvard Forest and computer scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, is developing methods to ensure that scientific data analyses are sound and reproducible. This paper considers how such methods might be applied to a complex, real-time system for measuring the movement of water through a small forested watershed at

December 1, 2007

New Harvard Forest Publications: New England Old Growth Characteristics, Mapping, and Influence on Management Decisions

Tony D'Amato, former REU and recent Ph.D. graduate, produced an outreach pamphlet with Paul Catanzaro that introduces the habitat features of old-growth forests, outlines management options and resources for restoring these features to woodlands, and discusses the opportunities to obtain economic and ecological benefits from second-growth forests. Management strategies range from hands-off approaches to active management practices and can be