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May 2009

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May 1, 2009

Harvard Forest Summer Institute for Teachers

Summer Institute for Teachers August 10, 2009- The Harvard Forest offers a Forest Ecology training institute for teachers of grades 2-12. Learn how to implement field studies related to local ecosystems with your students right in your schoolyard. 

May 1, 2009

Forest Landowners to Sell Carbon Credits: a pilot study

Managing forests to sequester carbon is often mentioned as a strategy to address concerns about increasing levels of carbon dioxide and climate change. In Massachusetts and many other eastern states, most forest is owned by private families and individuals. Consequently, it is important to understand the factors that influence the likelihood of landowners choosing to sell sequestered carbon and participate

May 1, 2009

Harvard Forest Hosts Workshop with an Eye to the Future

Workshop attendees 1

A diverse group of social and ecological scientists recently gathered at the Harvard Forest to ponder potential ecological futures around Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) sites. They were participants in the "Scenarios of Future Landscape Change Workshop," which was designed to encourage prescient thinking in coupled human-natural systems where true prediction is not possible. The workshop was funded

May 1, 2009

Finally, a Nature paper!

Long-time friends and collaborators Elizabeth Farnsworth (Bullard Fellow 2004-2005), Aaron Ellison (Harvard Forest Senior Ecologist), and Nick Gotelli (University of Vermont Professor of Biology) achieved their long-time goal of publishing a paper in Nature. Like the regular articles and letters published in Nature, their story about EvoSoap is science-fiction. But unlike the regular articles and letters, it's not masquerading as

May 1, 2009

Fisher Museum opens for Summer Hours

Image from Fisher Museum

The Fisher Museum will be open on the weekends from 12pm-4pm from May - October, in addition to the weekday hours of 9am - 4pm. The Fisher Museum's main exhibit displays twenty-three internationally acclaimed models (dioramas) portraying the history, conservation and management of central New England forests. Other exhibits at the museum represent the range of Harvard Forest's

May 1, 2009

Harvard in the News

Over the past several months, the Harvard Forest, staff and former students have been highlighted in the news.

May 1, 2009

Partners in conservation

In the April issue of Mass Audubon's magazine Connections, Chris Leahy describes the partnership between MassAudubon and the Harvard Forest's Ants of Massachusetts project. Begun in 2007 by Senior Ecologist Aaron Ellison, Harvard's Museum of Comparative Zoology ant systematists Stefan Cover and Gary Alpert, and University of Vermont Biologist Nick Gotelli, the Ants of Massachusetts project is working to develop