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April 2015

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April 30, 2015

Sensor Networks and the Arrival of Spring

Harvard Forest stream weir

The field wireless network at Harvard Forest was recently expanded to enable (near-) real-time data from four stream gages, two wetland gages, and a snow pillow. Data from these stations and the Fisher Meteorological Station are collected, processed, and uploaded to our website every 15 minutes along with 30-day graphs of selected variables. The graphs, which contain about 3,000 data points

April 20, 2015

Bullard Spotlight: Wyatt Oswald on Reconstructing Past Environmental Change

Oswald and Day at hemlock hollow

Bullard Fellow Wyatt Oswald, an Associate Professor of Science at Emerson College in Boston, has been affiliated with the Harvard Forest for more than a decade. Working closely with Harvard Forest collaborators David Foster and Elaine Doughty, he analyzes lake-sediment cores to reconstruct past environmental changes.

During his Bullard Fellowship, Oswald has synthesized various types of paleoecological data

April 14, 2015

International Scholars in Residence at Harvard Forest

Harvard Forest ecologist Aaron Ellison and visitor Shah Khalid

In April, 4 international visitors from 3 continents arrived to conduct research at the Forest in collaboration with HF ecologists Aaron Ellison and Audrey Barker-Plotkin, and Director of Conservation Innovation, Jim Levitt.

Visitor Shah Khalid studies and teaches Botany at Islamia College in Peshawar, Pakistan. He was awarded a scholarship from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan