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August 2003

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August 1, 2003

Ecological Society of America Cooper Award Received

The 2003 Cooper Award from the Ecological Society of America was presented to David Foster, Glenn Motzkin and Ben Slater for their paper: D. R. Foster, G. Motzkin, and B. Slater 1998. Land-use history as long-term broad-scale disturbance: regional forest dynamics in central New England. Ecosystems 1: 96-119.

The Cooper Award recognizes an outstanding contribution in geobotany or physiographic

August 1, 2003

1830's Massachusetts Revealed With New Interactive Interface

In 1830 the State of Massachusetts mandated that each town complete a town map. These maps often show woodlands, roads, and 1830s Mapimportant buildings, providing a unique look at the landcover and cultural features of Massachusetts over 170 years ago.

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