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Fisher Museum

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The Fisher Museum's main exhibit displays 23 internationally acclaimed models (dioramas) portraying the history, conservation and management of central New England forests.

Outdoors, our system of interpretive trails - open 365 days a year - provide additional opportunities for learning.

Fall 2019 Events

Tuesday, September 17, 7:00pm

Town Ecology for the Land of Towns and Villages

Richard T.T. Forman
Professor Emeritus of Advanced Environmental Studies in the Field of Landscape Ecology, Harvard University

Event is free and open to the public and will include a book signing by the author

Richard T. T. Forman, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University and long-time research scientist at the Harvard Forest, is often considered a "father" of landscape ecology as well as road ecology. He helped spearhead the field of urban ecology, and recently pioneered the concept of town ecology. His primary scholarly interest links science with spatial pattern to interweave nature and people on the land. Other research interests include changing land mosaics, conservation, and land-use planning.

In Forman's new book - the focus of his presentation - Towns, Ecology, and the Land (Cambridge University Press, 2019), he makes the case for towns and villages as important, dynamic environmental 'hotspots'. The book features ecological patterns, processes, and change, as well as human dimensions, both within towns and in strong connection to surrounding agricultural land, forest land, and arid land. It highlights ecological dimensions - water, soil and air systems, together with habitats, plants, wildlife and biodiversity. A concluding section presents concepts for making better towns and better land. From a pioneer in both landscape ecology and urban ecology, this town ecology book pulls from examples across the globe, opening an important frontier for researchers, students, educators, and conservation/planning professionals - and those who care about the land in their town.

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