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April 2007

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April 1, 2007

Harvard Forest in the News

Christian Science Monitor highlights the return of moose to Massachusetts due to landscape change and return of forest. As land was Forest then and nowcleared for farms in the Northeast, moose and other wildlife fled. Now that the trees are back, the moose are, too. Read the article. 

April 1, 2007

New Harvard Forest Publication: Plant Life History of Coastal Sandplain Grassland Taxa

Coastal sandplain grasslands of New England harbor a number of rare plant species, but few systematic management techniques have been developed to help foster or restore these critical habitats. Farnsworth (2007) applied a comparative, functional group approach to coastal sandplain grassland taxa in order to examine whether rare plant species share certain aspects of rarity and life history characters that

April 1, 2007

Harvard Forest Nominated as Core Site for NEON

The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON, Inc.) announced a group of 20 candidate Core Sites across the United States that NEON Logowill be included in the NEON Project Execution Plan. Harvard Forest was identified as the core site for the Northeastern Domain. The NEON Core Sites will be in wildlands (i.e,

April 1, 2007

Summer Institute for Teachers

The Harvard Forest offers a Forest Ecology training institute for teachers of grades 2-12. Learn how to implement field studies related to local ecosystems with your students right in your schoolyard.

Previous participants have recently posted new Data Analysis lesson plans developed by experienced Schoolyard Ecology teachers: Nichole Ruggles, Kellie Robichaud, Kathleen Bennett, and Mary Gagnon along with support from