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HF Welcomes 2021 Summer Research Interns

June 9, 2021
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screenshot of Zoom meeting with 2021 Summer Research Program participants

On May 24, Harvard Forest welcomed its first-ever class of virtual Summer Research Program students for 11 weeks of mentored research.

Following more than a week of orientation and introductory workshops in data analysis, science communication, and more, these 18 students from around the U.S. are now collecting and analyzing data as part of 10 different research teams.

We are pleased to welcome these exceptional students into our community. They were selected from many hundreds of applicants, and like Summer Students before them, have not only become a core part of our research programs, but have brought unmatched enthusiasm and new perspectives to our work.

We are also grateful to the creativity and innovation of Audrey Barker Plotkin and Sydne Record, co-directors of the program, and Benjamin Goulet-Scott, program assistant and Harvard graduate student, for making the virtual format work!

Going Underground: Microbial controls on root exudate carbon pathways in soil

  • Arturo Aguilar, Harvard University

Going Underground: Fungal responses to soil warming and nitrogen fertilization

  • Jonathan Carcache, Florida International University

  • Emily Embury, Wheaton College (MA)

  • Jennie Wuest, Forham University

Going Underground: Bacterial genomic signatures of warming-accelerated soil carbon loss

  • Theresa Caso-McHugh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Alondra Gabriel, University of Puerto Rico - Arecibo

Indigenous perspectives and diversifying the library at Harvard Forest

  • Faith Blalock, Brown University

  • Rafael Viana Furer, Macalester College

Land Use and Carbon Forecasting: Flux Footprint Spatial Comparison of Co-located Towers

  • Tanai Dawson, Western Michigan University

  • Benjamin Glass, Middlebury College

Land Use and Carbon Forecasting: Near-term Forecasting of Carbon and Water Fluxes

  • Christina Francis, Johns Hopkins University

  • Sarah Sosa, Rowan University

  • Xuan Wilson, Howard University

Land Use and Carbon Forecasting: Land Use History of NEON Sites

  • Samantha Olivares-Mejia, Haverford College

  • Joseph Toman, University of California

Forest Carbon: Land Use Impacts on Forest Carbon

  • Coral del Mar Valle Rodriguez, CUNY Hunter College

Forest Carbon: Genetic Rescue to Maintain Carbon Sinks

  • Nautica Jones, University of Louisiana at Monroe

Forest Carbon: Atmospheric deposition effects on forest carbon sequestration

  • Connor Tamor, Cornell University
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