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First-Year Seminar Students End Semester with Symposium

December 20, 2023
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Image shows the 2023 First-Year students standing on a stile at the Harvard Farm.

Each fall, Harvard first-year students have the opportunity to take Research at the Harvard Forest-Global Change Ecology-Forests, Ecosystem Function, the Future. Led by Harvard Forest Senior Forest Ecologist Dave Orwig, this First-Year Seminar Program course immerses students in an active field research setting and provides interactions with several leading global change scientists at Harvard Forest.

Image shows First-Year students with Proctor Tyler White.

Eleven students from the fall 2023 semester recently culimanted their learning by presenting independent research on a topic related to climate change in the region. This year, students chose topics including extreme changes in precipitation, the forest management implications of nonindigenous species, environmental justice, and the Lyme disease epidemic in New England.

In addition to leadership by Dr. Orwig, this year's cohort was supported by proctor Tyler White, a student at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Photos of the 2023 cohort, including Proctor Tyler White, by Dave Orwig.

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