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2006-2007 - Charles Bullard Fellowship Recipients

May 1, 2006
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The Charles Bullard fellowship program is to support advanced research and study by individuals who show promise of making an important contribution, either as scholars or administrators, to forestry and forest-related subjects from biology to earth sciences, economics, politics, administration or law. See the complete listing of Bullard Scholars from 1962 - the present. 


Home Institution

Research Area

Dr. Hormoz BassiriRadUniversity of Illinois at Chicago Root and Plant Physiology  
Dr. James Bever Indiana University at Bloomington Mycorrhizal Fungi 
Dr. Adrien Finzi Boston University   Community and Ecosystem Ecology 
Dr. Sherilyn FritzUniversity of Nebraska Paleoecology and Diatoms 
Jerry JenkinsWildlife Conservation SocietyBotany and Geography
Dr. John McDonaldU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wildlife Biology - Moose/Deer
Dr. Scott PearsonMars Hill College  Forest and Avian Ecology   
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