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Bullard Scholar Recipients (1962-2022)

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Jennifer Bhatnagar
Boston University
Shifting plant-fungal associations with historical land use change and the consequences for ecosystem recovery

Michael Dietze
Boston University
Harvard Forest carbon cycle forecasting: Testbed and anchor

Daniel Grossman
Freelance journalist
Nature's Carbon Storehouses: The temperate forest carbon sink at the Harvard Forest

Lynda Mapes
The Seattle Times
The cutting of our first forests: Indigenous-led conservation movements

Rinku Roy Chowdhury
Clark University
Design Principles, Land Sharing, and Land Sparing in New England's Forest Commons: How Anthropogenic Drivers, Environmental History and Stewardship Networks are Shaping Forest Landscapes and Resilience Across Rural-Urban Gradients

Michael Stambaugh
University of Missouri
Changes in fire regimes across the eastern United States from about year 1500 to the present


Patrick Baker
University of Melbourne
Forest stand dynamics, dendrochronology, and silviculture

Rakefet David-Schwartz
ARO, Volcani Center, Israel
Analysis of the trade-offs between viscosity and turger during drought stress in the phloem of trees

Christian Marks
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Investigating trade-offs betweeen hydraulic and mechanical functions that govern wood density

Brian Sturtevant
US Forest Service Northern Research Station
Evaluating the ability of a forest landscape model to simulate key processes governing forest system response to disturbance

Pamela Templer
Boston University
Carbon sequestration in mixed temperate and northern hardwood forests of New England


Nancy Johnson
Northern Arizona University
Influence of long-term fertilizer trials on the microbiomes associated with plant roots and mycorrhizal fungi

Thomas Rawinski
USDA Forest Service
Impacts of white-tailed deer overabundance on forests

Robert Saul
Shearwell, LLC
Shifts in the definition of "fiduciary responsibility" during an era of climate emergency


Kristen DeAngelis
University of Massachusetts--Amherst
Effects of long-term warming on Actinomycetes

Jean-Claude Gegout
Impact of global change on the growth of temperate herbaceous plants, comparing herbarium and contemporary specimens

Hannah Gosnell
Oregon State University
Human dimensions of forest and range management, exploring links between environmental governance and rural landscape change

Matts Lindbladh
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Forest history of southern Sweden

Anna Sala
University of Montana
Plant physiological ecology

Anne Short Gianotti
Boston University
Processes that drive wildlife management and conservation decisions in suburban and urban areas


Timothy Cook
University of Massachusetts--Amherst
Causes and impacts of Holocene climate and environmental change

Linda Deegan
Woods Hole Research Center
Impacts of human land use, invasive forest pests, and climate change on aquatic ecosystems 

Susan Masino
Trinity College
Forests and brain health

Justin Maxwell
University of Indiana--Bloomington
Drought response in eastern US trees

Robin Sears
Hampshire College
Science-policy nexus in forestry
(See HF web highlight)

Thomas Sherry
Tulane University
Ecological and evolutionary approaches to competition and community structure in birds
(See HF web highlight)

Noah Snyder
Boston College
Causes and impacts of Holocene climate and environmental change


Noah Charney
University of Arizona
New book that explores the ecological and historical narratives of field sites
(See HF web highlight)

Isabelle Chuine
Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle & Evolutive, France
Modeling phenology and ecological niches of forest trees
(See HF web highlight)

Guillermo Goldstein
University of Miami 
Tree physiology: survival of living tissue in subzero temperatures

Nicole St. Clair Knobloch
New England Forestry Foundation's "Build It with Wood" program
Innovative conservation finance in three regions of Massachusetts

Maureen Puettmann
WoodLife Environmental Consultants
Life cycle analysis of the environmental impacts of HF's new wood heating system

Crystal Schaaf
UMass Boston
Combining remote sensing and forestry field data to investigate Northeastern forest canopy changes due to hemlock woolly adelgid
(See HF web highlight)

Eric Washburn
Windward Strategies
New book that focuses on future stresses and drivers of change in U.S. forests


David Basler
University of Basel (Switzerland)
Plant-climate interactions with a focus on tree phenology

David Buckley Borden
Arts-based science communication, landscape scenario visualization
(see HF web highlight

Walter Carson
University of Pittsburgh
Tropical and temperate forest ecology

Lucy Hutyra
Boston University
Biogeochemistry in forest systems and urban areas

Brenden McNeil
West Virginia University
Remote sensing: canopy architectural properties of tree species

Klaus Puettmann
Oregon State University
Development of new silvicultural approaches to increase the adaptive capacity of forest ecosystems

Michael Reed
Tufts University
Extintion risk in human-dominated landscapes


Robinson Fulweiler
Boston University
The role of forests in the export of Silica from land to aquatic ecosystems 

David Kittredge
University of Massachusetts--Amherst
How landowner decisions influence future landscape change 
(see HF web highlight

Martha Lyman
Science, economics, and design of a natural infrastructure program 

Jason McLachlan
University of Notre Dame
Integrating long-term ecological data into ecosystem models

Rose-Marie Muzika
University of Missouri
The role of insects and disease in forest succession 
(see HF web highlight

Yude Pan 
USDA Forest Service
Impacts of elevated CO2 and disturbances on terrestrial ecosystems 

Joshua Rapp
University of California
Interactive effects of climate, land use, and intensified sugar bush management on the New England maple syrup industry 
(see HF web highlight

Robert Scheller
Portland State University
Climate adaptation policies and implementation for U.S. forests 


Hannah Buckley
Lincoln University (New Zealand)
Modeling the temporal dynamics of biological communities
(see HF web highlight

Bradley Case
Lincoln University (New Zealand)
Uncertainties in spatial data of vegetation dynamics 
(see HF web highlight

Betsy Colburn
Harvard Forest
Effects of farming on soil and water 
(see HF web highlight

Anthony D'Amato
University of Minnesota
Stand dynamics of old-growth eastern hemlock forests 
(see HF web highlight

Lynda Mapes
The Seattle Times
Book project: The Witness Tree (literary non-fiction)
(see HF web highlight

Wyatt Oswald
Emerson College
Consequences for forests and people of prehistoric climate change and insect outbreaks
(see HF web highlight

Anne Pringle
Harvard University
Microbial biodiversity at the Harvard Forest

Peter Thomas 
Keele University (UK)
Forest management and ecosystem services
(see HF web highlight

Diana Tomback
University of Colorado - Denver
Impacts of the loss of whitebark pine on ecosystems and wildlife  
(see HF web highlight


Nigel Asquith
Fundacion Natura Bolivia
Incentive-based forest conservation programs

Franco Biondi
University of Nevada, Reno
Dendrochronology, stand and disturbance dynamics, geospatial analysis
(see HF web highlight)

Laura Johnson
Massachusetts Audubon Society
Private land conservation and the land trust movement
(see HF web highlight

Michael Knoblauch
Washington State University
Assimilate translocation in trees
(see HF web highlight

Barbara Lerner
Mount Holyoke College
Scientific data provenance
(see HF web highlight

Pamela Templer
Boston University
Climate change, atmospheric pollution, biogeochemical cycles of forest ecosystems
(see HF web highlight


Mark Friedl
Boston University 
Remote sensing of ecosystems; Forest phenology and climate

Martha Hoopes
Mount Holyoke College
Spatial invasion ecology
(see HF web highlight

John Roe
Independent consultant
Sustainable Forestry

Paul Siqueira
University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Remote sensing of vegetation structure

Michael Steele
Wilkes University
Oak-animal interations, oak dispersal

Duncan Stone
Scottish Natural Heritage
Forest policy and climate change

Varun Swamy
Duke University
Tropical forest ecology and conservation 


Dawn Bazely
Biology Department, York University
Deer Herbivory, Forest Conservation, Invasive Species, Habitat Restoration

Andrew Bennett
Deakin University
The effects of human land use and landscape change on the conservation of native fauna

Erik Hobbie
University of New Hampshire
Ectomycorrhizal fungi, organic nitrogen use, mammalian fungivory

Alan Knapp
Colorado State University
Climate Change and Ecosystems

Stephen Long
Northern Woodlands Magazine
1938 Hurricane impact on forests

George Perry
University of Auckland
Spatial dynamics of forest ecosystems

2010 - 2011

Jeffrey Blanchard
University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Microbial Genomics and Ecology

John Herbohn
The University of Queensland
Small-scale forestry and carbon sequestration

Stephen Johnson
Gallatin Valley Land Trust
Private Land Conservation

Deborah Kaspari
Free-Lance Artist
Interpretive Artwork: Historical Sites and Forest Succession

Kathy Lambert
Harvard Forest
Science & Policy Integration

John Lichter
Bowdoin College
Historical Ecology; ecological recovery

Simon Smart
Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
Large-scale ecological change in woodlands and linear features

John Williams
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Paleoecology, Paleoclimatology, Biogeography

2009 - 2010

Shinichiro Aiba
Kagoshima University, Japan
Plant Ecology

Kamaljit S. Bawa University of Massachusetts - Boston
Conservation Biology

Shabtai Cohen
Institute of Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, Isreal
Experimental Biology

Quentin Cronk
The University of British Columbia, Canada
Evolutionary Genomics of Xylogenesis

Christopher Neill
The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory Field of Research: Amazon Ecology

Nsalambi V. Nkongolo
Center of Excellence GIS Lab, Lincoln University Forest Soils

2008 - 2009

Stephen Blackmer
Forest Conservation and Policy

Xiaojun Du
Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Forest Ecology

Serita Frey
University of New Hampshire
Soil microbial ecology

Carlos Garcia
Instituto de Ciencias Ambientales y Ecológicas (ICAE), Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Los Ande
Plant Physiological Ecology

Matts Lindbladh
Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences
Forest History and Conservation

Nophea Sasaki
University of Hyogo, Japan
Tropical Forestry and Climate Policy

Bill Sobczak
College of the Holy Cross
Stream Biogeochemistry and Ecology

Debabrata Swain
Indian Forest Service
Understanding past and present human impacts on tropical deciduous forests

Jonathan Thompson
Oregon State University
Forest Simulation Modeling

2007 - 2008

Elisabeth Almgren
University of Uppsala
Interpretive planning, paleoecology

Charles Cogbill
Historical Ecology

Todd Crowl
Utah State University
Quantitative Ecology

Rebecca Holberton
University of Maine

Michael Kaspari
University of Oklahoma
Community Ecology and Biogeography

Mark Rickenbach
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Social networks and private forest policy

Nicholas Rodenhouse
Wellesley College
Population ecology

2006 - 2007

Dr. Hormoz BassiriRad
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Illinois at Chicago
Root and Plant Physiology

Dr. James Bever
Department of Biology
Indiana University at Bloomington
Mycorrhizal Fungi

Dr. Adrien Finzi
Department of Biology
Boston University
Community and Ecosystem Ecology

Dr. Sherilyn Fritz
Department of Geosciences
University of Nebraska
Paleoecology and Diatoms

Jerry Jenkins
Wildlife Conservation Society
Botany and Geography

Dr. John McDonald
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Wildlife Biology - Moose/Deer

Dr. Scott Pearson
Department of Natural Sciences
Mars Hill College
Forest and Avian Ecology

2005 - 2006

John M. Briggs
Evolution and Environmental Science
Arizona State University
Grassland Ecology, Tree Invasion, Data Management

Mark E. Harmon
Department of Forest Science
Oregon State University
Old-Growth Forests, Carbon Dynamics

Thomas R. Sinclair
Agronomy Physiology Laboratory
University of Florida

Conghe Song
Department of Geography
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Carbon Dynamics, Ecosystem Modeling

John F. Weishampel
Department of Biology
University of Central Florida
Remote Sensing of Forest Structure

2004 - 2005

Richard Bowden
Allegheny College
Ecosystem Ecology, Land-use Legacies at Harvard Forest

Brian Donahue
Brandeis University
New England Forest History, Walden Woods and Concord

Elizabeth Farnsworth
New England Wild Flower Society
Conservation Biology, Rare Species Biology and History

Greg Jordan
Plant Science
University of Tasmania, Australia

Gidon Ne'eman
University of Haifa-Oramin, Israel
Pollination Biology, Pitcher Plants

Bernhard Stadler
Bayreuth Institute of Terrestrial Ecosystem, Research University of Bayreuth, Germany
HWA, Throughfall Chemistry and Biology

Dr. Peter Thomas
Keele University, England
Forest Dynamics and Science Education

Jill Thompson
University of Puerto Rico
Tropical Forest Dynamics

2003 - 2004

Dr. Ian Baillie
Tropical Soils

Dr. Paul K. Barten
University of Massachusetts
Hydrology and watershed management

Dr. Julia Jones
Oregon State University
Hydrology and Natural Resources

Dr. John Klironomos
University of Guelph
Soil Fungi

Dr. Antonio Lara
Universidad Austral de Chile
Forest dynamics; dendroecology

Dr. Matts Lindbladh
Swedish University of Agr. Sci.
Forest conservation and history

Dr. Thomas Sinclair
University of Florida
Water transport in plants

2002 - 2003

Dr. Philip J. Burton
Forest Ecology and Management

Dr. Peter Franks
James Cook University
Tree Physiology

Dr. Alice Ingerson
Waban, MA
Environmental History

Dr. Matthew Kelty
University of Massachusetts
Forest Ecology; Silviculture

Dr. David Lindenmayer
Australian National University
Forest Ecology

Dr. Francis Putz
University of Florida
Tropical Biology and Ecology

Dr. Bernhard Stadler
University of Bayreuth
Plant Pests and Ecosystem Process

2001 - 2002

Dr. Alison Berry
University of California
Mycorrhizae; Urban Ecology

Dr. Elizabeth Colburn
Invertebrate Ecology; Conservation Biology

Dr. Aaron Ellison
Mt. Holyoke College
Community Ecology

Dr. Colin Orians
Tufts University
Tree Physiology

Dr. Akile Pite
Tirana, Albania
Forest Conservation

Dr. Kimberly G. Smith
University of Arkansas
Bird Ecology

Dr. Navjot Sodhi
National University of Singapore
Tropical Ecology

2000 - 2001

Dr. Kathleen Donohue
University of Kentucky
Population Biology and Genetics

Dr. Mary Ann Fajvan
West Virginia University

Dr. Manuel Lerdeau
State University of New York
Eddy Flux/Gas Exchange

Dr. Lucinda McWeeney
Yale University
Archaeology; S. CT Indians; Paleoecology

Dr. Fraser Mitchell
University of Dublin
Palecology; Small Hollows

Dr. Karn D. Singh
Harvard University
Tropical Forests

Dr. Fred Swanson
USDA Forest Service
Landscape Dynamics; Geomorphology; Landslides/Fire Pacific Northwest

1999 - 2000

Nicholas Brokaw
Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences
Tropical Ecology

Jiquan Chen
Michigan Tech
Forest Dynamics and Ecology

Peter Del Tredici
Arnold Arboretum
Plant Morphology and Ecology

Paul A. Harcombe
Rice University
Community Ecology

Malcolm Hughes
University of Arizona

Richard Primack
Boston University
Tropical Ecology and Conservation

Claire Willams
Texas A & M University
Pine Genetics and Biology

1998 - 1999

Alexander Golub
Moscow, Russia
Environmental Economics/Natural Resource Management

Roger Kitching
Griffith University
Tropical Rainforest Ecology and Management

Takashi Kohyama
Hokkaido University
Plant Ecology

Stephen E. Scheckler
Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Plant Paleobiology/Comparative Morphology

1997 - 1998

Dr. Marc Abrams
Pennsylvania State University
Forest Ecology

Dr. John S. Boyer
University of Delaware
Plant Water Relation

Dr. Neal Enright
University of Melbourne
Forest Ecology and Dynamics

Dr. David W. Lee
Florida International University
Tree Physiology; Tropical Ecology

Dr. William Romme
Fort Lewis College
Forest Dynamics

Professor E.-D. Schulze
Universitat Bayreuth
Physiological Ecology

Dr. Susan Trumbore
University of California

Dr. Ian Turner
National University of Singapore
Tropical Forest Ecology

Dr. Dennis Whigham
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Plant Ecology

1996 - 1997

Dr. John Aber
University of New Hamphshire
Forest Ecosystem Dynamics

Dr. Eldon Franz
Washington State University
Forest Ecosystems

Dr. Keith Kirby
Nature Conservancy Council
Woodland Ecology

Mr. Harri Lorenzi
Brazilian Flora

Dr. Earl Saxon
Wet Tropics Management Authority
Rainforest Management

Dr. Margaret Silk
University of California
Plant Growth and Development

Dr. Kerry Woods
Bennington College
Community and Population Ecology

1995 - 1996

Dr. Grace Brush
Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Balachander
Rutgers University
Ganesan Ecology

Dr. Douglas Godbold
Universitat Gottingen
Tree Physiology

Dr. Dennis Knight
University of Wyoming
Forest Ecology

Dr. Robert Waide
University of Puerto Rico
Land-use Effects on Ecosystem Processes

Dr. Thompson Webb III
Brown University

Dr. Alan White
University of Maine
Forest Ecology

1994 - 1995

Dr. David Bowman
Conservation Commission of the N.T.
Plant Ecology

Dr. John Connolly
University College Dublin
Plant Ecology

Dr. E. David Ford
University of Washington
Forest Modeling

Dr. David P. Janos
University of Miami
Mycorhizal Ecology

Dr. David Kittredge, Jr.
University of Massachusetts
Forest Policy

Dr. Sharachchandra Lele
Pacific Institute in Development, Environment & Security
Sustainable Forestry

Dr. Jacob Weiner
Swarthmore College
Plant Population Ecology

1993 - 1994

Dr. Evan H. DeLucia
University of Illinois

Dr. Gong Wooi Khoon
Universiti Sains Malaysia

Dr. Julian Hadley
Harvard Forest

Dr. Juan F. Silva
Universidad de los Andes
Tropical Ecology

Dr. Timothy W. Sipe
Franklin & Marshall College
Plant Ecology

Dr. Thomas A. Spies
USDA Forest Service
Forest Ecology

Dr. Carlos Vaquez-Yanes
Ciudad Universitaria
Tropical Ecophysiology

1992 - 1993

Dr. Lloyd Demetrius
Harvard University
Theoretical and Population Biology

Dr. Enos E. Esikuri
Moi University
Environmental Policy

Dr. Glenn R. Matlack
University of Southern Mississippi
Ecology/Conservation Biology

Dr. Victor K. Teplyakov
Federal Forestry Service of Russia
Forest Management

1991 - 1992

Dr. Jan Cermak
Tree Physiology

Dr. Ned Fetcher
University of Scranton
Tropical Ecology

Dr. Steven P. Hamburg
University of Kansas
Forest Ecology

Dr. Miguel Martinez-Ramos
Ciudad Universitaria
Tropical Forest Ecology

1990 - 1991

Ms. Mollie H. Beattie
Department of Forest & Parks
Natural Resources Management

Dr. John E. Bertram
Cornell University

Dr. Michael D. Korzukhin
Moscow, USSR
Ecological Modeling

1989 - 1990

Dr. George Peterken
United Kingdom
Woodland Conservation

1988 - 1989

Dr. Akachuku E. Akachuku
University of Ibadan
Wood Structure

Dr. Denise C. Gaudreau

1987 - 1988

Dr. Christopher S. Cronan
University of Maine
Biogeochemical Processes

Dr. Gray S. Henderson
University of Missouri
Soil Chemistry

1986 - 1987

Dr. Ruhama Berliner

Dr. David H. Jackson
University of Montana
Natural Resource Policy

Mr. Donald Theoe
Biography of Richard Thornton Fisher

1985 - 1986

Dr. Jerry F. Franklin
University of Washington
Forest Ecology

Dr. John Ogden
University of Auckland
Forest Ecology

Dr. Gordon G. Whitney
Forest Ecology

1984 - 1985

Dr. Paul O. Bofinger
Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests
Forest Policy

Dr. Arturo Gomez-Pompa
University of California
Tropical Forest Ecology

Dr. William A. Patterson III
University of Massachusetts
Fire Ecology

Dr. Jacek Zakrzewski
University of Agriculture, Poland
Tree Morphology

1983 - 1984

Dr. Gerald M. Allen
Humboldt State University
Forest Management

Dr. Robert Brush
University of Wisconsin
Forest Management

Dr. I. A. U. N. Gunnatilleke
University of Peradeniya
Pollination Biology

Dr. Jorg J. Sauter
Universitat Zu Kiel
Tree Physiology

1982 - 1983

Dr. Roni Aloni
Tel Aviv University
Plant Morphology

Dr. Rolf Borchert
University of Kansas
Tree Physiology

Dr. Celestine Gunnatilleke
University of Peradeniya
Tropical Ecology

Dr. Elifadhili M. Mnzava
Tropical Forestry

1981 - 1982

Dr. Peter R. Hannah
University of Vermont
Forest Management

1980 - 1981

Dr. Abraham Fahn
The Hebrew University
Anatomy and Morphology of Woody Plants

Dr. D. N. Roy
University of Toronto
Host-parasite relationships in fungal diseases

Dr. Brayton Wilson
University of Massachusetts
Tree Growth

Dr. Yong-chi Yang
Taiwan University
Forest Resource Management

Dr. Stefan Zajaczkowski
Warsaw Agricultural University
Plant Physiology

1979 - 1980

Dr. Amar Singh Hans
National Council of Scientific Research
Biodiversity in Managed Forests

Dr. K. Alan Longman
Institute of Terrestrial Ecology
Plant Physiology

Dr. Robert Metcalf
Management of New England Woodlots

Christa Schwintzer
University of Maine
Plant and Wetland Ecology

Michael B. Wallace
Forest Resources in Developing Countries

1978 - 1979

Dr. Stanley Gemborys

Dr. Hisao Honda
Kanebo Institute for Cancer Research
Tree Modeling

1977 - 1978

Dr. Ayode Jeje
University of Calgary
Chemical Engineering

Dr. Eliezer Zamski
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Plant Biology

1976 - 1977

Dr. Philip Craul
New York
Land Use and Soils

Dr. Thompson D. Pizzolato
University of Delaware
Plant Biology

Dr. Boris Zeide
University of Arkansas
Forest Ecology

1975 - 1976

Dr. William Bentley
Forest Economics

1974 - 1975

Mr. Robert Baltaxe
Environmental Management

Dr. Henry Horn
Princeton University
Population Biology

Dr. James O. Klemmedson
University of Arizona
Forest/Range Ecology and Soils

Dr. Roelof A. A. Oldemann
The Netherlands
Tropical Trees

1973 - 1974

Mr. John E. M. Arnold
FAO, United Nations
Forestry Development in Developing Countries

Dr. John A. Milburn
University of New South Wales
Vascular Transport in Plants

Dr. Ian A. Staff
La Trobe University
Plant Anatomy/Morphology/Ultrastructure

Dr. Alan Strahler
University of Virginia

1972 - 1973

Dr. Kamaljit Bawa
University of Massachusetts
Tropical Forestry

Dr. Jon A. Kusler
Land-use Regulations

Dr. James H. Patric
Forest Hydrology

Dr. W. L. Prichett
Forest Soils

Dr. A. L. Van Slyke
University of New Brunswick
Forest Management

1971 - 72

Dr. Carl H. Reidel
University of Vermont
Forest Policy

Dr. Brian Walker
Vegetation Sampling/Data Analysis

1970 - 1971

Dr. Perry Hagenstein
Land Management

Mr. Norman L. Kissick
Land-use Planning

1969 - 1970

Professor Charles H. W. Foster
Forest Policy

Dr. Earl L. Stone
University of Florida
Forest Soils

1968 - 1969

Dr. Robert E. Buckman
Timber Management

Dr. William B. Critchfield
Pacific SW Forest & Range Experimental Station

Dr. Brian Hopkins
Tropical Ecology

Dr. Donald S. Skene
Plant Physiology

Dr. Eugene Steinbrenner
Weyerhauser Company
Soil Science

1967 - 1968

Dr. John C. Goodlett
Plant Geography

Dr. Vera D. Gregoric
Soil Science

Dr. Bertram Husch
FAO, United Nations

Mr. John Naysmith
Forest Economics

Dr. Soren Odum

Dr. Thomas O. Perry
North Carolina
Forest Productivity

Mr. Bruce Yerke
Pacific SW Forest & Range Experimental Station

1966 - 1967

Dr. Sherret S. Chase
New York

Dr. A. Malcolm Gill
Plant Ecology

Dr. Milford D. McKimmy

Mr. Clark Sell

Dr. James R. Wallis
Yale University
Hydrology and multidisciplinary work involving the Relationship of Government to the Sciences

Dr. Arthur H. Westing
Stockholm Intern. Peace Res. Inst.
Forest Conservation

Dr. Thomasz J. Wodzicki

Dr. Robert Zimmermann
Soil and Water Conservation

1965 - 1966

Dr. F. David Morgan
South Australia
Forest Entomology

Dr. Robert Zahner
North Carolina
Tree Physiology

1964 - 1965

Dr. Ronald A. Bartoo
Forest Economics

Dr. Paul Richards
Tropical Ecology

Mr. Gerald C. Williams
Land Management

Dr. Chester T. Youngberg
Forest Soils

1963 - 1964

Mr. J. E. M. Arnold

Dr. John H. Chinner

Mr. Leiff Holt

Dr. Horst Schulz
Wood Anatomy

Dr. Arthur H. Westing
Stockholm Intern. Peace Res. Inst.
Physiology and Anatomy of Wood

1962 - 1963

Mr. Roland L. Barger

Dr. Carl J. Goebel
Washington State University

Dr. Robert A. Gregory
USDA Forest Service

Dr. John A. Guthrie
Washington State University
Forest Economics

Dr. David C. Knapp
University of Maryland

Dr. William G. O'Regan
Forest Management Simulation

Dr. David G. Roux
South Africa