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Bullard Spotlight: Wyatt Oswald on Reconstructing Past Environmental Change

April 20, 2015
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Oswald and Day at hemlock hollow

Bullard Fellow Wyatt Oswald, an Associate Professor of Science at Emerson College in Boston, has been affiliated with the Harvard Forest for more than a decade. Working closely with Harvard Forest collaborators David Foster and Elaine Doughty, he analyzes lake-sediment cores to reconstruct past environmental changes.

During his Bullard Fellowship, Oswald has synthesized various types of paleoecological data from Cape Cod and the adjacent islands to study long-term changes in climate, vegetation, and fire. He chose to work at Harvard Forest for its "outstanding facilities and a strong tradition of using retrospective ecology to understand forest dynamics and inform conservation, management, and policy."

Photo by David Foster: Oswald and summer research student Lindsay Day label a sediment core collected from Hemlock Hollow on Prospect Hill.

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