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Tribute to Professor P.B. Tomlinson

August 1, 2010
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Professor P. Barry Tomlinson

A tribute to P. Barry Tomlinson, Professor Emeritus at Harvard Forest, will be given at the 2010 Botany Symposium in Providence, RI. In his 65 year and ongoing research career, Barry Tomlinson has expanded our understanding of tropical plants, particularly many of its iconic representatives in the monocots. He has worked in many research areas, including but not limited to: the anatomy and morphology of monocots (particularly the palms), the biology of marine plants (including seagrasses and mangrove), the developmental morphology and reproductive biology of gymnosperms, the architecture of tropical trees, and the biology of plants of the Everglades. In addition to research, he has revealed the world of tropical plants (and his unique hands-on approach to studying them) to generations of graduate students through his Harvard summer course in Miami. This event, with talks by experts who have had connections with Barry's research and made personal connections with him over this time, will celebrate aspects of his remarkable career. 

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