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Renewable Energy at Harvard Forest

November 1, 2007
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Harvard Forest solar panels

A new renewable energy source was recently commissioned at Harvard Forest. In mid-July 2007, Moss Hollow, LLC (Lunenburg, MA) completed installation of a 10KW solar array next to the new Facilities Barn. Support for this $100,000 project included grants from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Small Renewables Initiative and Harvard University's Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean's Fund; the balance was covered by the HU Green Campus Loan Fund. In the three months since the array began functioning, the system has generated more than 4,000 kWh of electricity. The solar array is part of the electrical system providing energy for all long-term experiments on the Prospect Hill Tract. These experiments, which explore the impact of global warming on the environment, now receive approximately 8% of their power needs from this renewable energy source. View energy output online. 

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