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New Harvard Forest Publication: Effect of Fire On Ant Assemblages

December 1, 2005
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In this paper by PIs and graduate students at Humboldt State University, University of Vermont, University of Tennessee, and Harvard Forest, we examined environmental factors controlling species composition of ant assemblages in fens and forests of the Siskiyou Mountains. We were especially interested in the response of these ant assemblages to the Biscuit Fire of 2002, one of the largest wildfires (>200,000 ha) recorded in Oregon.

Ratchford, J.S., S. E. Wittman, E. S. Jules, A. M. Ellison, N. J. Gotelli, and N. J. Sanders. 2005/2006. The effects of fire, local environment, and time on ant assemblages in fens and forests. Diversity and Distributions 11: 487-497. 

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