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Moose Sightings at Harvard Forest

October 1, 2003
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Several people have reported seeing moose on Harvard Forest property on the Prospect Hill tract. Even if you don't see the moose Moose caution signitself, you may see signs of its presence:

  • Moose consume large quantities of willow, birch, and aspen twigs
  • Moose often browse on small saplings, tearing off twigs and sometimes breaking the stem in the process. They also bite, strip and eat the bark off saplings and small trees, especially maples. In fact, Striped Maple is also known as Moosewood
  • Moose scat is often a large pile (a quart or more) of oval-shaped pellets- you can see piles of droppings all around the forest
  • Be wary of moose during this time of year as they get territorial
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