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Mercury Briefings on Capitol Hill

July 1, 2011
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Kathy Fallon Lambert, David Evers, David Gay and Charley Driscoll

On June 14, Kathy Fallon Lambert, Harvard Forest's Science and Policy Integration Program Director, presented at the U.S. Capitol with 3 colleagues, David Evers (Biodiversity Research institute), David Gay (National Atmospheric Deposition Program), and Charley Driscoll (Syracuse U. and Hubbard Brook LTER). Their presentations focused on the importance of establishing a comprehensive national mercury monitoring network in collaboration with existing research networks such as LTER, NEON and NADP (National Atmospheric Deposition Program). They also shared results from two scientific synthesis efforts documenting the nature and extent of mercury pollution in the Northeast and Great Lakes states. They led a formal briefing for 25 Congressional staff members, visited an additional 10 Congressional offices, and finished the day by briefing 12 NGO representatives. The effort was organized with Hubbard Brook, the Great Lakes Commission and the Biodiversity Research Institute. 

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