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Harvard Forest Woods Crew Leader Honored with Dean's Distinction

March 10, 2014
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John Wisnewski with Dean Smith

John Wisnewski, long-time leader of the Harvard Forest Woods Crew, was honored this month with a Dean's Distinction award for his service to the Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) in 2013. He was one of just 35 individual awardees selected for distinction out of thousands of Harvard FAS employees.

In 2013, Wisnewski spearheaded the implementation of several major projects at the Forest:

  • Conversion of the main campus to efficient biomass/propane heating systems, involving boiler and heating upgrades for 9 buildings; significant updates to log harvesting and handling; the addition of computer sensors throughout the biomass system to monitor sustainability/impact; and conversion of a barn into a year-round office and biomass processing facility;
  • Replacement of a 1.5-mile primary electricity line to improve power for the Forest's main forest research tract; and
  • Coordination of a major dam upgrade at Harvard Pond.

The Harvard Forest joins FAS Dean Michael Smith in honoring and recognizing John Wisnewski's many valuable contributions to the Forest and FAS. Wisnewski received his award at a ceremony and reception at Harvard's University Hall in Cambridge on March 6.

Past winners of the FAS Dean's Distinction award include Jeannette Bowlen (HF Accounts Payable) and Edythe Ellin (HF Director of Administration).

(Photo of John Wisnewski - left - and FAS Dean Michael Smith - right, by David Foster)

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