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Harvard Forest Research Develops New Estimate of Old-Growth Forest Acreage Remaining in Massachusetts

September 1, 2005
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A new estimate of the amount of old-growth forest remaining in Massachusetts has been Cold Riverrecently determined based on research currently being conducted by Tony D'Amato, doctoral candidate in Forestry at UMass, and Dr. David Orwig, forest ecologist at the Harvard Forest. This extensive, field-based research builds on the work of previous studies on old-growth forests in Massachusetts and determines the area of old-growth forest in the state on public lands to be approximately 1119 acres. The majority of these old-growth forests are located in the Berkshire Hills and Taconic Mountains of western Massachusetts; however, a considerable acreage is also found on the slopes of Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA. More details on the scope of this research as well as a downloadable list of these old-growth areas can be found in the Major Research Topics section. 

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