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Harvard Forest Featured in Special Issue

September 1, 2004
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The Special Issue: Forest Ecology and Management. Volume 196, issue 1, 12 July 2004. Pages 1 - 186. is dedicated to The Harvard Forest Ecology and Management CoverForest (USA) Nitrogen Saturation Experiment: Results from the First 15 Years. Edited by John Aber, This special issue presents 11 papers that report in detail on results from the first 15 years of chronic nitrogen additions to two contrasting forest types at the Harvard Forest. This study was established to study human influence on global and regional cycles of nitrogen which now exceed that from natural processes.

The Harvard Forest experiment remains one of the few on-going, long-term N saturation experiments. Long-term results differ substantially from short-term, emphasizing the importance of long-term program (LTER) in delivering policy-relevant information. The research value of these plots increases with time, as evidenced by the growing number of collaborative and cooperative studies on plant, soil and microbial responses represented by the papers in this special issue.

More information on Chronic N Study can be found at Chronic N Research Pages.

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