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Harvard Forest Bullard Fellow Revises Peterson's Field Guide

November 1, 2005
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Revised by Elizabeth Farnsworth (Bullard Fellow) and Cheryl Lowe for the first time in 50 Peterson Field Guide To Ferns Coveryears, the new Peterson's Field Guide to the Ferns of Northeastern and Central North America introduces both amateur and professional plant enthusiasts to the ferns and related families of the northeastern United States. The revised book incorporates a wealth of new information, updating the nomenclature of the ferns, and informing the reader about species that have been discovered only recently in the Northeast. The lovely illustrations from the previous edition (by Laura Louise Foster) have been reproduced for better quality, and new illustrations were added by Elizabeth Farnsworth, along with lots of informative color photographs. A brand new set of simple, illustrated keys guide the user to identify a mystery fern to genus, using traits that are readily visible in the field in most cases. The Guide also contains an expanded glossary of terms, as well as new sections on the evolution of ferns, their habitats, conservation issues, and gardening and propagation techniques. We hope this book will become the definitive guide to ferns for students, biologists, naturalists, environmental consultants, and other fern fans throughout the region.