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Harvard Forest Artist in Residence

September 1, 2008
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Debby Cotter Kaspari

Kaspari- DoyleThese works were created on location in Harvard Forest, Petersham, MA, by Debby Kaspari, Artist-in Residence in spring and summer of 2008. During five months of drawing and painting from life in the woods Kaspari recorded natural forms, seasonal changes, birds and animals in mixed media on paper. These artworks were begun en plein air and finished in-studio at Benson House. Kaspari was inspired by Harvard Forest's natural elements as well as slab quarries, old foundations and other historical artifacts scattered around the forest. "I concentrated on intimate scenes within the forest, and tried to show how the remains of earlier settlement eventually becomes part of the forest itself." 

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Kaspari- Woodchuck

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