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Hand Crafted Pottery Mushrooms

April 1, 2010
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Amanita caesarea, edible, six red caps

Mary Ann Walker (Fisher Museum Volunteer) has gifted a collection of hand crafted pottery mushrooms from the collection of Peter Strong to the Harvard Forest. The mushrooms were crafted by Maria Maravigna (Italian/American Ceramicist, Sculptor, 1899-2006) and were completed before 1996. This is approximately 40 years of her work. The works were created from white clay with shiny glaze in bright colors as exact replicas. Most were signed with her last name and identified in underglaze script with "edible" or "poisonous". The photo is identified as Amanita caesarea, edible, six red caps.

The collection is viewable during regular business hours in Harvard Forest's Common Room. 

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