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"Green" Garage designed and built at Harvard Forest

December 1, 2006
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Wood's Crew at the garage

The building was designed and built entirely by the Harvard Forest woods crew using Harvard Forest wood products wherever possible. It is also, at the initiative of the crew, a "green building." This includes the composting toilet, a dual fuel wood/oil burner, and reusing materials from previous renovations. They also took the lead in submitting a grant to the state for a solar power system to provide about 8% of the electrical needs for all the Prospect Hill research projects which will be installed in the spring. Finally, the auto repair bay was also moved to this new location removing it from the proximity of the water supply for the Forest. There are many other features such as secured hazardous waste storage and a loft for research materials storage, and numerous others. The integration and understanding of the woods crew for the mission of the Harvard Forest is reflected in the design and intended use of the new building. 

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