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Graduate Student Gathering

December 1, 2009
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2009 HF Grad Students

Harvard Forest sponsored a weekend retreat for its graduate student researchers to promote interactions and collaborations among students and across universities. Participants included:

  • Alix Contosta (University of New Hampshire – Frey lab),
  • Minda Berbeco (Tufts University – Orians lab),
  • Primrose Boynton (Harvard University – Pringle lab),
  • Eddie Brozstek (Boston University – Finzi lab),
  • Israel del Toro (University of Massachusetts – Ellison lab),
  • Poliana Lemos (Boston University – Finzi lab),
  • Tegan Mortimer (Tufts University – Orians lab),
  • Sydne Record (University of Massachusetts – Ellison lab),
  • Relena Ribbons (University of Massachusetts – Kelty lab)

The students had a fun and productive weekend discussing their research, hiking around Prospect Hill, and getting to know each other better. 

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