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Forthcoming Harvard Forest Publication: A Primer of Ecological Statistics

April 1, 2004
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A Primer of Ecological Statistics

Nicholas J. Gotelli & Aaron M. Ellison. 2004 A Primer of Ecological Statistics. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, Massachusetts

A Primer of Ecological Statistics explains fundamental material in probability theory and experimental design for ecologists and environmental scientists. The book is designed to serve as either a stand-alone or supplementary text for upper division undergraduate or graduate courses in ecological and environmental statistics, ecology, environmental science, environmental studies, or experimental design. The Primer also could be used for short-courses or workshops for conservation biologists, and environmental managers. The book emphasizes a general introduction to probability theory and provides a detailed discussion of specific designs and analyses that are typically encountered in ecology and environmental science. Topics include probability, statistical distributions, hypothesis testing, probability values, Bayesian analysis, experimental and sampling design, data archiving, regression, analysis of variance, categorical data, and multivariate analysis. A comprehensive glossary, a mathematical appendix on matrix algebra, and extensively annotated tables and figures are included.

Nick Gotelli is a Professor of Biology at the University of Vermont.
Aaron Ellison is a Senior Research Fellow at the Harvard Forest. 

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