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Forest in Time Paperback Second Printing

April 1, 2006
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The re-release of Forest in Time (FIT) in paperback coincides with the review of FIT in The Agricultural History Review by Forests In Time CoverGraeme Wynn of the University of British Columbia. He wrote:

"Let there be no mistake. This is a remarkable book. The product of close collaborations among fifty scholars devoted to integrating 'biology and environmental science with an understanding of the complexities of landscape history in order to forge meaningful interpretations of the present.'(p.xi), it offers a wonderfully full, thoughtful and accessible account of the physiology of ecosystem and the interactions of humans, plants and animals in northeastern America over the last millennium."

"All in all, this volume is a model of its kind. It offers a coherent, interdisciplinary synthesis of historical and scientific research and a compelling account of changes driven by human actions and natural processes over hundreds of years. ... One comes away from this work with a heightened awareness of the value of paying close attention to particular localities in efforts to understand the ramifications of human-environment interactions through time, and convinced, with Thoreau, that the forest of New England are cultural as well as natural places." 

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