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Even in Retirement, Ellison Achieves

February 15, 2022
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Aaron Ellison inspects and ant through a magnifying loupe in the forest in summer

Aaron Ellison retired from Harvard Forest in July 2021 after 20 years as Harvard's Senior Research Fellow in Ecology. From 2018 - 2021, he also served as the Deputy Director of the Harvard Forest.

In retirement, Ellison has continued to achieve high honors in ecology, in August 2021 accomplishing his career-long goal of publishing a Princeton Monograph in his field, and more recently, being honored with a Humboldt Research Award, a prestigious career achievement award granted annually to a very small number of leading scientists from around the globe. With this award, in 2023, Ellison will travel to Freiberg, Germany, to collaborate with Dr. Carsten Dormann on a new textbook for statistical analysis of complex ecological data.

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