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Bees in the Forest?

May 31, 2012
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Bees at Harvard Forest in 2012

In spring, trees are some of the first plants to produce pollen and nectar for bees. Food helps bumblebee queens establish colonies, similar to the way that early childhood nutrition is important for people throughout their lives.

This summer, HF Senior Ecologist Elizabeth Crone, ecologist Dash Donnelly, Harvard graduate student James Crall, and Harvard undergraduate Kelsey McKenna will be studying how food affects the behavior and colony growth of native bumblebees. 

If you see one of our marked bees, email Dash Donnelly (  We'd like to know where these bees are going.















Read more about Elizabeth Crone's bee and pollen research:

Whirlybirds and Maple Syrup: Harvard Gazette, March 2012

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