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Reimbursement for Travel and Business Related Expenses

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Employee Reimbursement (ERF) for business related expenses or travel

  • Complete Employee Reimbursement Form which is a writable PDF document unless you have out of pocket receipts <$25.00 which can be reimbursed from petty cash (see Alisha)
  • The following areas of the attached Employee Reimbursement Form are required:
    1. Harvard ID# 
    2. Reimbursee name
    3. Dates of your travel
    4. Reimbursee/card holder Signature
  • Receipts must be submitted to Lisa for processing within 45 days of the date expense is incurred in order to comply with Harvard University's 60 day rule.
  • Original Receipts are required for any lodging and all expenses $75.00 or greater. If receipt for expense $75.00 or greater is missing, please complete Missing Receipt Affidavit (need HUID to access)
  • Citibank Corporate Card is the credit card of choice for travel costs.
  • To get reimbursed for travel expenses Complete the Employee Reimbursement Form
  • Airfare should be booked with Harvard’s recommended vendor Egencia unless you find airfare saving more than $100. If you book airfare elsewhere you MUST provide a comparable Egencia itinerary documenting the $100 savings. For international airfare, use a US Flag Carrier or attach Egencia documentation and complete the Federal Awards Travel Reimbursement Form (need HUID to access). First time users, It may take a couple days to set up your account. See Harvard travel page at Established users may log in at
  • Mileage reimbursement rates are set annually by the federal government. Effective Jan 1, 2018 the personal car reimbursement rate is $.545/mile. Mileage is determined if you use your own vehicle for work purposes. Subtract out the mileage that is normally taken to drive to work when determining mileage.
  • If non US Citizen, Reimbursement for business related out of pocket expenses or travel complete Foreign Individual Vendor Request Form (FIVR) yearly