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Employee Safety and Training

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Woods Shop Documentation

Personal Protection Equipment

  • Eye protection is required for all equipment. If working with materials that create flying debris, a face shield should be worn in conjunction with the standard eye glasses
  • Long sleeves should be rolled up above the forearm
  • Long hair should be pulled back
  • No loose hanging jewelry
  • No gloves when working with powered tools (one expectation is the nail gun) 

Machine Shop Safety Links

Equipment SpecificHarvard EHS Reference OSHA Reference
 Band Saw
 Table Saw
 Cut Off/ Chop Saw
 Portable Table Saw
 Drill Press
 Compressor  N/A Employers should not allow employees to use compressed air for cleaning
themselves or their clothing in general industry situations. The eyes and 
other body parts, such as the respiratory system, may be damaged as
the result of inadequate personal protective equipment, lack of chip guards,
and/or uncontrolled release of compressed air.
 Dust Collector  N/A
 Belt Sander
Hand Held Tools Harvard EHS Reference OSHA Reference
 Circular Saw
 Jig Saw
 Porta Planer
Belt Sander
 Wood Crew Only Tools  Harvard EHS Reference OSHA Reference
 Staple/Nail Gun  N/A 
 Router Table
 Additional Information  Harvard EHS Reference External Reference
  SOP Links
 Harvard Machine Shop Safe Work Practices Main page:
 Power Tool Institute – Safety Information
 OSHA – Wood Working Hazards OSHA Wood Working Hazards  - Publication 31571999