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  • Remember to mention Harvard's name or give account number for special vendor discounts.
  • Harvard is tax exempt. Make sure all vendors are aware of this. Print out the Sales Tax Exemption Certificate (Mass. Form ST-2) (need HUID to access) and bring with you to new vendors.
  • If you are purchasing items off a grant, follow the guidelines set out for grant purchases
  • If you know exactly what you want, complete Purchase Order for Jeannette to order or place order using your Pcard
  • If you want to discuss options or features with sales representative, Jeannette will issue you a Purchase Order, vendor account number and you provide her complete information after you have ordered.
  • Harvard Forest has open charge accounts with local vendors - Athol Automotive, County Line Lumber, Hamshaw Lumber. Please talk with Alisha on how to use these accounts.
  • If a vendor requires Harvard's taxpayer ID number print out the W-9 Form (Request for TIN Certification) and bring with you to vendor.
  • Please sign off and turn in all packing slips and invoices to Alisha as soon as you receive them.


  • If you do not have a Purchasing Card, please fill out PCard Application Form (need HUID to access) and give to Alisha.
  • Please review and update your transactions by 10:00 AM Wednesday. Please forward all packing slips, invoices and statements to Alisha. 
    Direct link to Oracle Personal Pages - Click on Access Oracle System Applications > Personal Homepage to log in to the Pcard reviewer page
         Click on EDIT
         Enter Business Purpose
         Click on Mark as Reviewed, Save and Return to List
  • If receipt for expense $75.00 or greater is missing, please complete Missing Receipt Affidavit. (need HUID to access)

Corporate Credit Card

Citibank Corporate Credit Card Application process: The new application form for the Citibank Travel and Entertainment card is available at the corporate card isite (need HUID to access). This is a paper-based application. Please note that the application should be filled out electronically and not handwritten. Give the printed application to Edythe who will provide departmental approval. It is then forwarded to the FAS Office of Finance for final approval. Once received by Reimbursement and Card Services in Central University Financial Services, it should take approximately 7 to 10 days for the applicant to receive a travel and entertainment card.