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Research Notes and Materials

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A wide variety of published and unpublished materials were uncovered and consulted in the production of A Meeting of Land and Sea.  This section provides the resulting compilation of typed and hand-written notes and related materials.  The organization is by chapter in the book but, given that there is considerable overlap among chapters in content, all relevant chapters should be consulted in searching through these files.  Many notes are referenced by author and date.  The full bibliographic sources should be found in the list of references in the volume.  Additional references are located in the bibliographies on the web site.

It addition to the typed and handwritten notes there are many thousand note cards (5x8 inches) on journal articles and books. That habit was initiated in an undergraduate course taught by Bill Niering who required that all background notes be collected on cards and that these be turned in with each writing assignment.  We have not yet scanned these records. 

Additional resources are available in the maps, photos, and Vineyard Gazette excerpt sections of this web site.  Many of the original articles that were consulted are filed in the Harvard Forest Archives where other related materials are also available.


Chapter 1 - Landscape History and Ecology

Chapter 2 - Setting and Stage

Chapter 3 - Geology and Sea Level Rise

Chapter 4 - Climate and Vegetation History

Chapter 5 - People on the Coast

Chapter 6 - Winds that Roil the Island

Chapter 7 - Waves that Waste the Coast

Chapter 8 - The Landscape that became Today

Chapter 9 - Making the Modern Landscape

Chapter 10 - Conserving the Vineyard

Chapter 11 - Exploring the Natural and Cultural Landscape

Chapter 12 - Wildlife

Chapter 13 - Planning the Island

Chapter 14 - Conservation Future

Chapter 15 - Perspectives in Island Time