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Bibliographic Materials for A Meeting of Land and Sea

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Research on Martha’s Vineyard has produced a wide range of bibliographic materials that are shared here to allow others to undertake their own explorations of the Island’s history, environment and cultural qualities.

  • Harvard Forest Studies – A listing of downloadable, searchable PDFs of original Harvard Forest research papers that relate to topics discussed in A Meeting of Land and Sea.
  • Bibliography of Martha’s Vineyard – A comprehensive listing of the documents tapped in studies for the book, excluding articles from local newspapers.  This bibliography does include articles from major national newspapers, e.g., the New York Times, Boston Globe, and Washington Post. This bibliography can be downloaded as a pdf and searched using the "Find" function provided by Acrobat.
  • Bibliography from A Meeting of Land and Sea – Due to space constraints in publishing the book, the length of the printed bibliography was drastically reduced to include only the principle references used.  Here we provide the comprehensive bibliography of materials referenced in writing the book. This bibliography can be downloaded as a pdf and searched sing the "Find" function provided by Adobe Acrobat.
  • Bibliography of the Vineyard Gazette and Martha’s Vineyard Times – A listing of the articles from local newspapers that have been consulted in the production of the book.