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Workshops and Resources to Support Virtual Instruction

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During the COVID19 school closures, the Harvard Forest Schoolyard Ecology Program began actively working to support teachers by hosting a series of spring workshops online and curating teacher-created lesson plans well-suited to online learning. These resources remain available for instructional use by educators. 

Fall 2020 Teacher Workshop Series

Spring 2020 Teacher Workshop Series

  • Session 5 (May 14): Try Out the Tree Ring Data Nugget, featuring Schoolyard Educator Elicia Andrews and HF Senior Ecologist Neil Pederson 

Note: This data nugget is a middle and high-school level climate lesson plan based on real data from the Harvard Forest.

Teacher-Created Lesson Plans

  1. Data Nugget: A Window into a Tree’s World

A middle and high-school level climate lesson plan based on real data from the Harvard Forest. Created by teacher Elicia Andrews and ecologist Neil Pederson. 

  1. PhenoCam Lesson Plans

The PhenoCam Network tracks seasonal change (phenology) in biomes across North America using hundreds of web-cameras, with a gallery that can be explored and analyzed online.

  1. Carbon & Conservation Lessons using the New England Landscape Futures Explorer web-tool:

High School level

By Tara Alcorn (2019): Tyngsboro Town Meeting: A Lesson in Land Planning


By Joe Scanio (2019): Effects of land use policy on future habitat type area and fragmentation in Wallingford and the Quinnipiac watershed


Middle School level

By Jeff Sautter (2019). Future Scenarios of Land Change Lesson Plan


4.  Activity: A Local Look at an Invasive Pest (by Kate Bennett, 5th grade teacher) 

Within this presentation geared toward Woolly Bully study project teachers, slides 25-28 outline an assignment guiding students to look for evidence of the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid in their neighborhoods, using Google Earth and outdoor observations.

5.  Activity: Make Your Own Nature Journal (by Laura Schofield, middle school teacher)

6.  Fall Phenology Remote Observation slideshow (by Elisa Margarita, high school teacher)

Other Resources