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Current Bullard Fellowship Recipients

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Harvard Forest is pleased to announce the 2020-2021 Charles Bullard Fellows in Forest Research. The purpose of this Fellowship program, established in 1962, is to support advanced research and study by persons who show promise of making important contributions, either as scholars or administrators, to forestry defined in its broadest sense as the human use and study of forested environments.

Fellows are supported by an endowment named after the benefactor Charles Bullard. While in residence at Harvard, Fellows interact with faculty and students, give seminars, participate in conferences and symposia and avail themselves of the University's great research resources. Applications are accepted beginning in autumn for Bullard Fellowships for the following year.

Describing the role of Bullard Fellows at Harvard, Missy Holbrook, Director of the Harvard Forest, explains, "Bullard Fellows are a vital and dynamic part of the Harvard Forest community. Their work is propelled by the important role forests play in the carbon cycle, in sustaining biodiversity, and in supporting human livelihoods. Over the past fifty years, Bullard collaborations have forged new paths of inquiry here at Harvard Forest and in nearly every corner of Harvard University. We look forward to welcoming a new cohort of Bullard Fellows who will work with us to advance our understanding of how forests can contribute to solving some of humanity's most pressing environmental challenges.”


2020-2021 Charles Bullard Fellows

Patrick Baker, Professor of Silviculture and Forest Ecology at the University of Melbourne, will spend his six-month fellowship in close collaboration with Senior Ecologist Neil Pederson, writing a new edition of Oliver and Larson's Forest Stand Dynamics and exploring how the forest stand dynamics framework can help anticipate the impacts of global change on forests.

Nancy Johnson is Regents' Professor and Director of the School of Earth & Sustainability at Northern Arizona University. During her nine-month fellowship, she will study the influence of long-term fertilizer trials on the microbiomes associated with plant roots and mycorrhizal fungi. Her collaborative work will include work with long-time Harvard Forest LTER colleagues Serita Frey and Kristen DeAngelis, as well as Colleen Cavanaugh and Michael Desai from Harvard University.

Thomas Rawinski, a botanist with the USDA Forest Service, will spend nine months compiling information on white-tailed deer overabundance and preparing a manuscript that explores many aspects of this issue around the United States. This work will be done in collaboration with HF Senior Ecologist David Orwig.

Robert Saul, Domestic Agriculture & Forestry Manager, Farmer, and CEO of Shearwell, LLC, will spend his 8-month fellowship working with HF Senior Ecologist Jonathan Thompson, exploring the ways that the definition of "fiduciary responsibility" might evolve during an era of climate emergency.