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Unidentified Chlorophid (?)

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Found in Sarracenia drummondi, S. flava, S. minor, and S. rubra feeding on captures in the pitcher plant leaves.


    • Alabama—Theodore
    • South Carolina—Summerville
    • North Carolina—Southern Pines


NOTE: tentative description following of the adult Theodore specimen.

The eyes are brown, very minutely pubescent; arista black, jointed, tapering, haired. The meso. and scutellum are black, sparingly pale pollinose, giving appearance of dull gray; sparingly set with short black spine-like hairs; narrowly and rather obscurely 3-striped; abbreviated stripes over wing bases faintly indicated.

Wing-veins are brown, legs black. Femora and both extremities of the tibia a dull dark yellowish brown with dark hairs. Marginal scutellers black, median pair long.

Front evenly arched above orbits; ocellar tubercle and orbits very narrowly pale by denser pollinosity. A pair of black, moderately strong, almost recumbent ocellar bristles. A pair of strong outer verticals; other bristles of front are week. No conspicuous triangle. Except as indicated, front unmarked, but its projecting anterior edges brownish-yellow without well definded demarcation. Face brown, with a carina; clypeus dark but strongly pale pubescent. Cheeks brown, with low pale hairs and vib . (?)

Antennae and 2 post-not. (?) Two or three humeral bristles. Two post alar and one pre- scutellar pairs. Halteres pale, brownish white.

Abdomen dark and unpolished.

Antennae, 1st joint hidden; 2nd, amber yellow, margined with short black hairs; 3rd, rounded longer than wide; basally, beneath and inwardly yellow brown.

Female hypopygium extruded, slender, tapering, strongly bristled. Costa to 4th longitudinal; anterior edge setose, basally with few bristly hairs. Auxiliary vein plainly evident (?).


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