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Sarraceniaceae captures

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FMJ, unpublished notes

"In the larger species, such as flava, sledgei, [and] drummondi, small vertebrates were not unusually found—the common little green lizard and the green tree frog which often [were found] alive, was to be observed sitting in the leaves, were the vertebrate victims observed.

S. drummondi, April 29 in Theodore, AL

In these larger pitchers, butterflies were infrequent; moths (Noctuoidea, especially) much more frequent; beetles in great variety; bees, wasps; occasional caterpillars.

S. psittancina

    • in locations subject to overflow, that water beetles sometimes stuffed these narrow-mouthed low growing pitchers;
    • in drier localities, ants a frequent prey, but not to the exclusion of insects in wide variety, of suitable size to find entry.

S. rubra and S. minor

    • sometimes solidly packed with ants, and [they] ordinarily outnumber all other captures

S. purpurea

    • ground inhabiting beetles
    • crickets
    • creeping insects
    • ants

Darlingonia, July 24, 1918

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