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Thompson Lab Stone CowThe Thompson Lab welcomes new post doctoral fellow, Joe Tumber-Dávila. 


Dr. Jonathan Thompson is a Senior Ecologist at the Harvard Forest, a department of Harvard University. His research focuses on long-term and broad-scale changes in forest ecosystems, with an emphasis on quantifying how land use - including harvest, conversion, and land protection - affects forest ecosystem processes and services. He is the Principal Investigator for the Harvard Forest Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and involving more than 100 scientists and students investigating the dynamics of the New England landscape. He also leads the New England Landscape Futures project, which collaborates with diverse stakeholders from throughout the region to build and evaluate scenarios that show how land-use choices and climate change could shape the landscape over the next 50 years. Thompson holds a PhD in Forest Ecology (2008) and a MS in Forest Policy (2004) from Oregon State University. 



 Alexey Kalinin is a post-doc in the lab.  

Joe Tumber-Davila

Joe Tumber-Dávila is Harvard Forest LTER Postdoc in the lab.


twitter "@" JosephTumber

 Josh Plisinski

Josh Plisinsiki is a Research Assistant and GIS Technician in the lab.


Danelle Laflower is a Research Assistant and Lab Manager in the lab.  She uses simulation models and long-term data to understand how forests grow and change.  


 Lucy Lee is a research assistant in the lab. She uses her background in GIS to research and communicate about land use in New England, with a focus on protected areas and land conservation.


 Matthew Duveneck is a Research Associate with the lab.

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Meg Graham MacLean is a Research Associate with the lab and a Quantitative Ecologist at UMass - Amherst



 Luca Morreale is an associate with the lab.


Valerie Pasquarella is an Associate at Harvard Forest and Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth & Environment at Boston University.

 Mayra Rodriguez González is an REU alumni, REU mentor, and collaborator in the lab.



 Brian Hall is a GIS Research Assistant at Harvard Forest.



Coral del mar Valle Rodriguez was a 2021 summer REU student in the lab.  


  Wiley Hundertmark was a 2019 summer REU student in the lab.